Why Some Ladies Are Not Satisfied Sexually


no satisfactionThe ultimate goal of any man is to satisfy his partner sexually on bed and he always look for better ways to accomplish that! Even besides sexual satisfaction, what I have discovered about men generally is that they are always eager to please or satisfy the ones they love. However, do you think satisfying your female partner is difficult to achieve? You can share your constructive thoughts in the comment section.

Not being able to satisfy females sexually is a major problem that makes most men jittery. The usual fears are unfaithfulness and cheating. A detailed study carried out by Crita concluded that most men are failing in their responsibility as regards satisfying their female partners sexually. That is one of the reasons why we decided to first of all list reasons why this happen and then give our advice on how they can satisfy their partners. This article you are reading is the first part of the study, the second part which comprise tips on how to give pleasure and satisfaction would be live tomorrow

Reasons Why You Are Not Being Able To Satisfy Her Thus Far

According to our study, we discovered that the following are parts of the reasons why most men finds it difficult to give pleasure and satisfy their partners

  1. Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the major reasons why females go mad against their partners. How would she feel if you set out in a sexual session and reach orgasm or ejaculate shortly after you started? You are the only one satilack of sexual satisfactionsfied, she isn’t. Generally speaking, females needs to engage in a relatively longer sexual session in order for them to reach orgasm.

Not being able to reach orgasm for females is a reason why they are not satisfied sexually and premature ejaculation is just one of the reasons that could contribute to this. One other notable reason is the size of the penis. A person with small penis size may not be able to satisfy his partner in bed. Females want deep penetrations and you must be ready to give it to them

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  1. Not Giving Her Enough Emotional Foreplay

Though small penis size could be the reason for some females, however, we also discovered that not being able to give her enough and necessary foreplay before sex could cause her not to be satisfied too. For some women, mental and emotional stimulation before sex is needed for them to reach orgasm during sexual sessions. To them it is more important than the penetrations.

  1. Not Being Able To Get Her In The Mood For Sex

It is not every time that your partner wants sex. This is a secret that most men do not know. As a man, you may want to have sexual intercourse with her anytime you like, however the case is not the same with her. If her mind is not in the mood of having sex and you force her without taking your time to first put her in the mood, then she would definitely not be satisfied with whatsoever you do (either you have the biggest penis in the world or not)

  1. Using Poor Techniques

When sexual intercourse becomes boring to a female, there is no way she would be satisfiedsexual satisfaction. If all what you know is to penetrate up and down in the usual missionary position, then there may be trouble. There are lots of sexual positions that you could assume to make sex more enjoyable.

You will have to stay turned to get the second part of this article. The second part would center on how to satisfy your female partner in bed. Thanks for reading.

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